An evocative name.

Legendary, and iconic and yet perfect for today’s players


C&D®‘s first instinct was to produce a ground-breaking product, but cricket is a game for traditionalists, where change is viewed with suspicion and can be rejected.

C&D® has to meet cricket consumers’ product expectations first; so C&D® keeps it simple, and begins with two very distinctive cricket helmet shapes.  All experts’ consensus views suggest we have achieved that first step.

The Balance™ Series offers the best protection and a traditional cloth covered look.

The Albion™ Series is a technology driven design that is lighter than most and offers protection that matches or betters the major cricket helmet brands

  • We will not make cosmetic changes and suggest it enhances protection
  • We have, however, designed cosmetic changes to allow you to choose a different look
  • All ‘The Albion™’ Series models have a C&D® Titanium face guard option
  • All C&D® Cricket Helmets have been tested against 4¾ oz and 5½ oz balls


The Balance Series


  • Traditional fabric covered cricket helmet
  • A longer shape front to back than side to side



The Albion Series


  • A modern equivalent for a more rounded head shape
  • Shorter in length front to back than The Balance


All our helmets are iconic, recognisable, and yet, different shapes

The first certified C&D® cricket helmets are single use; after a blow, mishandling, or mistreatment, they should be replaced – this applies to all current cricket helmets, not just C&D®.

Research and development continues.  Improved performance & protection via continuous development is our aim.

All our intended enhancements and improvements will be discussed with customers before any changes are introduced.

C&D®  The Balance

  • A traditional cloth-covered co-polymer shell
  • Moulded EPS protective lining
  • Foam comfort padding
  • Powder-coated steel faceguard
  • A traditional cricket helmet



C&D®  The Albion and The Albion Ti

  • Iconic lightweight look brought up to date
  • Introducing modern manufacturing techniques
  • Uncovered welded co-polymer two piece Shell
  • Consistency in production and performance
  • Moulded EPS protective lining
  • Foam comfort padding
  • Powder-coated steel faceguard or Titanium faceguard

C&D®  The Albion Z and The Albion Z Ti

  • Iconic The Albion with additional features
  • Grey Moulded EPS protective lining
  • Increased interior padding
  • A cloth-covered crown
  • Aerated grommets fitted for the complete finish
  • Foam comfort padding
  • Powder-coated steel faceguard or Titanium faceguard